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The S.R.I Dholak has a fiberglass body with synthetic drum heads. Both the right and left heads are tunable using a set of nuts and bolts. Each of the heads is provided with 12 tuning screws that can be used to adjust the pitch of the heads to the desired level. Tuning can be accomplished with the help of a spanner supplied with the instrument. As always the right head is tuned high, set to the desired pitch, while the left head is tuned sufficiently low to complement the right head pitch. 

The Data Sheet can be found here.

  • Features of the SRI Dholak

Given below is a quick summary of the features and advantages of the SRI Dholak

Sr. No. Conventional wood-leather Dholak Synthetic SRI Dholak Advantage of the Synthetic SRI  Dholak
1. The drumheads use animal skins No animal skins are used  Cruelty free 
2. Shells are made of wood Shells are made of fibreglass The fibreglass shells are less affected by temperature and humidity 
3. Tonal quality varies from instrument to instrument Excellent tonal clarity and resonance Consistent tonal quality across samples
4. Re-heading the shell has to be done only by a Dholak craftsman Heads are detachable and replaceable Heads can be replaced by the users themselves
5. Pitch of the instrument shows large seasonal variations and fluctuates with changing temperature and humidity Pitch does not change with seasons and remains stable even under changing temperature and humidity Avoids frequent retuning and adjustments 
6. Heads cannot be cleaned easily Heads can be cleaned with a moist cloth Heads can be cleaned with a moist cloth, which is unthinkable in the case of the animal skin heads


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With Carry Bag, With Carry Bag and a pair of Spare heads


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