Dear sir; my hearty congratulations to you for SRI Mrudangam invented by you. When I first saw the instrument I just fell in love with it. It is so close to the original Mrudangam with related to tone. The biggest advantage is that the new instrument is very user friendly with its less weight, easy tuning, sustainability with extreme weather conditions. I used it for concerts in India and Europe. I just loved it. Again my hearty congratulations to you for such a wonderful gift in the form of new Mrudangam to the music fraternity- K. U. Jayachandra Rao (Mridangist)
As a Mrudanga artist I am proud of this as well feel shy. A musician, scientist, researcher, a vegan and good soul Dr. Varadarangan has created this 21th century Mrudanga without the (animal) skins. This is far better than local Mrudanga- less weight, no Karane loosening, no watering and cost wise also good. Hats off to him. Let the tribe of this kind grow a lot. I am taking this to America. – N.G. Ravi (Mridangist)
Dr K Varadarangan Krishnaiyengar  has done a marvelous job - very innovatively and painstakingly created a WONDER - MRUDANGAM made of COMPLETE SYNTHETIC MATERIALS. Really worth every BIT OF HIS ENORMOUS EFFORT. I played for almost an hour. Mrudangam not only sounds very natural but is also absolutely maintenance free. Also it can be tuned for a range of 3 SHRUTIs. A MUST VISIT FOR ALL MRUDANGAM VIDWANS, STUDENTS AND CONNOISSEURS. Huge congratulations Varadarangan Sir –Ravishankar Shrma (Mridangist)
A very good concept of stopping cruelty to animals for making mridangams. Research made by Dr K.Varadarangan has produced immaculate result with the incarnation of SRI mridangam. Truly appreciate the efforts he had put in bringing up this engineered product.

I had a chance to play the mridangam and the feel you get is almost similar to the traditional mridangam.


I see lots of advantages in SRI.

  • It is maintenance free.
  • The membranes used are very soft and the choru/karanai is a permanent fixture.
  • The pitch stays unchanged in the varied climatic conditions.
  • Tuning seems to be simple by adjusting nuts and accurate pitch can be achieved easily.
  • Both heads have smooth edges around which are very soft to the players' palms.

Mridangam is light weight since fibreglass shell is used in SRI. Players may find a bit difficult to hold it on legs as there is a tendency of slipping when you play strong beats. The solution I see is to use a good wrap around for grip (made of cotton cloth, preferably) and use a stand to hold while playing.


I congratulate Dr K.Varadarangan and his team for the wonderful contribution towards the great carnatic music world. Hope SRI would be accepted by musicians all over.


-Anilakkad R Jayakrishnan, Palakkad (Mrudangist)

To me, the Sri Mridangam looks like a very valuable step in spreading the teachings of Indian music to drummers all over the world, as no one else has ever effectively created a viable method of producing readily-available, sturdy, professional-quality mridangams without the need to kill animals and cut down jackfruit trees in excessive amounts.

My hope is that by playing an Sri Mridangam, I will be able to more effectively utilize Indian traditions in my musical pursuits and spread the awareness of Carnatic instruments and traditions to drummers all over America.


The mridangam sounds excellent, perhaps even better than the traditional version to my ears. -William Brown, Drummer and Fusion Musician, USA

I have just tried to play this "Synthetic Mridangam" in my Practice session. It is really awesome.

It is a new Mridangam, invented & manufactured by Dr K Varadarangan of Bangalore. Really it is a path breaking effort. We all artistes should appreciate his intelligence, Patience & his innovative ideas in creating this wonderful Instrument.


The speciality of this Mridangam is, it is made of no Leather (Skin) & it is totally Vegan instrument. Kudos to Sri Varadarangan for his new discovery. This is weightless Mridangam It is a Fiber Body & completely Maintenance free. We can tune easily to any shruthi without difference of "Meetu & Chapu".  


-Mysore Vadiraj (Mridangist)

Sir, At the outset I would like to immensely congratulate you for your path-breaking and noble invention of “SRI Mridangam”. Noble because it shuns in toto the usage of hides of slaughtered animals (viz cow, goat & buffalo) and aims at preventing cruelty to animals.

Mridangam is a divine instrument capable of producing sublime and soul stirring sounds. While playing on it can bring metal solace, heart bleeds at the very thought of slaughtering few hapless creatures whose skins are used in preparation of the instrument. Now with the invention of this vegan Mridangam the heinous and horrendous act of killing the dumb creatures for obtaining their hides can be dispensed with.


Sir, let this good deed bring unfathomable success to you in all your future similar endeavors. Now speaking about the SRI Mridangam, it is quite sleek in appearance and convenient to handle. There is no botheration of applying dough or paste to the left head and constantly smearing the same with water to avoid unpleasant sound. It is pretty easy to tune and quite comfortable to play. The first thing that struck me while playing on the instrument was its tonal quality. It is almost akin to the traditional Mridangam.


Summing up I feel SRI Mridangam is a marvelous invention and a suitable substitute for the traditional one.

It is really a great invention much awaited. I have taken one. Kudos to Dr.Varadarangan.

-Ramesh Nilakanta (Mridangist)

sir.... its awesome... Is it the same mridangam for C# and G Sruthi or different? The tone is great. I would love to perform on it whenever possible.... Hats off to Varadarajan Krishnaiyengar sir!

-Sarvesh Karthik ( Mridangist)

Great instruments! We use Karunya Musicals Mridanga and Tablas in our Satsangs and concerts. We are very happy with them!

-Sukadev Bretz, Yogavidya Asram Germany

Dhanyavadagalu for vegan tablas!

I am so relieved, happy, excited to have vegan tablas. I was on a yoga tour and returned home last evening.First thing the next morning, I opened the well packed set and began to play with such joy.


The sound is great! I feel now more than ever this is my rhythm drum of choice.


-Yogini Kaliji, renowned yoga teacher and spiritual leader

I am glad to say, I enjoy playing Sri Tabala & Sri Mridangam

-B. N. Ramesh, Percussionist, Bangalore

The tabla is amazing! The sound quality is great. The fiberglass shell has a really nice look to it. Thank you.

-Gurmukh Singh, UK